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The Nonprofit Counsel Podcast

Ep 13 - The Form 990

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Ep 12 - Nonprofit Sustainability, Collaboration, and Staying True to Your Mission with David O'Brien and Matthew Craig

Tuesday, January 09, 2024

Ep 12 - Serving as a Nonprofit Board Member

Tuesday, January 02, 2024

Ep 11 - Navigating the Seas of Nonprofit Finances with Rick Dahlseid

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Ep 11 - Non-Profit Finances

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Ep 10 - Navigating the Nonprofit Landscape: Insights from Gene Takagi on Managing a Nonprofit in California

Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Ep 7 - Nonprofit Accounting, Bookkeeping & Tax Reporting

On this episode of Nonprofit Counsel, May visits with Terrell Turner, a bookkeeper and financial advisor who specializes in working with nonprofits. He brings valuable bookkeeping and tax reporting insights to startup nonprofits and those operating for some time.

Ep 6 - Nonprofit Fundraising: Events

May is excited to welcome A.J. Steinberg, an expert in nonprofit event coordination and engagement strategies, to discuss the intricate details of orchestrating an event for your nonprofit entity. A.J. shares her wisdom about the three tiers of donors and the importance of cherishing them. She will dissect the factors leading to event failures and the ingredients contributing to their triumphs.

Ep 5 - Nonprofit Advocacy

May is excited to host Pat Libby, a management consultant specializing in nonprofits and philanthropies. Pat delineates the array of services offered by her company while delving into the rationale behind nonprofits advocating for their causes.

Ep. 4 - Nonprofit Strategic Planning

May speaks with Dr. Lyn Corbett, the visionary behind the Pivotal Group. Dr. Corbett boasts almost three decades of work experience in the nonprofit domain, and he brings a wealth of invaluable insights to the forefront.

Ep. 3 - Nonprofit Leadership

May is joined by Dr. Laura Dietrick, an expert from the Nonprofit Institute at the University of San Diego, to delve into leadership within the nonprofit sector. Together, they explore two impactful initiatives offered by the university that equip students with comprehensive knowledge about managing a nonprofit organization. By shedding light on common misconceptions associated with nonprofits, students receive valuable training opportunities at the Nonprofit Institute and the Nonprofit Leadership and Management graduate program.

Ep. 2 - Nonprofits and Insurance

May Harris hosts Bill Brennan, Principal, CRO of CMR Risk & Insurance Services, to discuss the often overlooked necessity of insurance for a nonprofit. Often a start-up is unaware or doesn’t believe insurance coverage for a nonprofit is necessary. The simple fact is board members can be liable; employment litigation is common, and not having the proper risk management tools in place can put a nonprofit out of business. Don’t miss this informative discussion.

Ep. 1 - Introduction to the Nonprofit Counsel Podcast hosted by May Harris

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Nonprofit Counsel, where our passion is to provide the tools for you to start and lead a nonprofit that will change the world. Hosted by May Harris, the founder of For-Purpose Law Group, this podcast will feature guests sharing their knowledge that will help you avoid the pitfalls of starting a nonprofit. If you have a passion for a nonprofit, this podcast is for you!

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Welcome to the Nonprofit Counsel Podcast, your go-to source for expert insights and practical advice on all things related to starting and leading a nonprofit organization. If you're looking to start your own nonprofit organization, gain tax-exempt status, manage your board, communicate your purpose or fundraise for your cause, this podcast is the perfect resource for you.

Hosted by May Harris, Esq., MA, founder of FPLG and an experienced nonprofit professional, each episode of the Nonprofit Counsel Podcast offers valuable tips, tools, and strategies to help you navigate the complex world of nonprofit management. May's deep knowledge and expertise in nonprofit law, financial management, and consulting make her the ideal guide for anyone looking to be involved with a successful nonprofit organization.

So, whether you're a seasoned nonprofit leader or just starting out, join us on the Nonprofit Counsel Podcast and discover how to shortcut the learning curve and achieve your nonprofit goals. We've got you covered. Subscribe now and start making a difference in your community today!