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The Nonprofit Counsel Podcast

Ep 22 - Building an Individual Giving Program from Scratch

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Ep. 21 - How Nonprofits are Using AI

Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Ep 20 - Celebrating 20 Episodes: A Dive into Public Policy with Geoff Greene, CEO of CalNonprofits

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Ep. 20 - Public Policy & Nonprofits

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Ep 19 - Navigating Nonprofit Leadership and Governance with Crystal Trull

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Ep. 19 - How Social Enterprise Intersects with Governance

Tuesday, April 09, 2024

Ep 22 - Building an Individual Giving Program from Scratch

Welcome to The Nonprofit Counsel podcast, hosted by May Harris, Esq.. In today's episode, we're delighted to visit with the remarkable Kelly McLaughlin. Kelly has consistently made waves in the nonprofit world, from fundraising with bake sales when she was just five years old to becoming a seasoned professional fundraiser.

Ep. 21 - How Nonprofits are Using AI

In this episode of the Nonprofit Podcast, May Harris, Esq. visits with Kate Azar from PNC Institutional Management. Kate emphasizes the importance of nonprofits’ investment strategy, particularly when managing endowments. She stresses that seeking professional advice is crucial in this regard.

Ep. 20 - Public Policy & Nonprofits

May Harris, Esq. is honored to have Geoff Green, CEO of the California Association of Nonprofits, join us for the 20th episode of The Nonprofit Counsel Podcast! Geoff shares his insightful predictions for the future of nonprofits in California, shedding light on the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Ep. 19 - How Social Enterprise Intersects with Governance

Dr. Crystal Trull, the head of CT Consulting, a company that offers expert guidance to nonprofit entities for their long-term viability, meets with May Harris, Esq. to discuss crucial topics relevant to anyone engaged with nonprofits.

Ep. 18 - Social Enterprise

Join Paula and May Harris, Esq., as they delve into the exciting world of social entrepreneurship and global philanthropy.

Ep. 17 - Making Strategic Plans Work for Nonprofits

Andrea Ortega, the Founder and CEO of Palante Nonprofits, has structured her company to aid nonprofit organizations with strategic planning, offering implementation guidance and customized training programs in English and Spanish. In a conversation with May Harris, Esq., MA, Andrea will explore various topics, including transitioning grassroots nonprofits into scalable entities. Maintaining a strategic plan that is both visionary and realistic is of utmost importance. The efficacy of your nonprofit's strategy can be assessed by the data collected to support it, indicating whether your goals have been achieved. With advancements in technology, there are now tools available to assist nonprofits. AI can even aid in crafting strategic plans, while Google provides tools to keep your team updated in real time. Stay tuned for this timely and crucial information pertinent to your nonprofit endeavors.

Ep 16 - Finding Your People

Trevor Blair, the founder of Blair Search Partners, joins May L. Harris, Esq., MA today on the Nonprofit Counsel podcast to discuss how to find the right people to help your nonprofit grow. Are all your preparations in order before commencing the hiring process? Where do you source your candidates from? How is your hiring process structured? Do candidates feel appreciated throughout the process, even if they're not selected? What organizational culture are you asking potential hires to leave their current positions for? Trevor answers these questions and others on today's episode.

Ep 15 - Nonprofit Leadership

Mike Gellman, the founder of High Five Career Coaching, specializes in collaborating with nonprofit executives and leaders for them to reach their full potential. In this conversation, Mike and May Harris, Esq., MA, explore the essential qualities needed for effective nonprofit leadership and discuss the available resources to support these executives.

Ep 14 - Differences Between Charities and Private Foundations

Danika Mendrygal, CEO and founder of Mendrygal Law firm joins May Harris to discuss public charities vs private foundations.