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Ep 15 - Navigating Nonprofit Leadership with Mike Gellman

In the latest episode, listeners were treated to an insightful conversation on nonprofit leadership with the accomplished Mike Gellman, owner of High Five Career Coaching.

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Ep 14 - Understanding the Differences Between Charities and Private Foundations With Danika Mendrygal

In this episode, we delve into a crucial aspect of the nonprofit world: understanding the distinctions between charities and private foundations. Joining us is the esteemed Danika Mendrygal, Founder and CEO of Mendrygal Law, based in Dallas, Texas.

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Ep 13 - Critical Aspects of Nonprofit Finances and the Form 990 with Genevra Williams

In this episode, we dive into critical aspects of nonprofit finances and the Form 990. Joining May as a guest was Genevra Williams, Senior Counsel at Mendrygal Law, who shared her expertise on the intricate world of nonprofit law and necessary tax reporting.

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Ep 12 - Nonprofit Sustainability, Collaboration, and Staying True to Your Mission with David O'Brien and Matthew Craig

In this episode, we dive into the world of nonprofit sustainability, strategic partnerships, and the critical role of financial health with two seasoned nonprofit experts, David O'Brien and Matthew Craig.

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Ep 11 - Navigating the Seas of Nonprofit Finances with Rick Dahlseid

In today's episode, we dive into the intricate world of nonprofit finances with Rick Dahlseid, MS Tax, CPA. Rick, a seasoned nonprofit professional with over two decades of experience in the nonprofit sector, and is a key player in the leadership team of PBO Advisory Group.

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Ep 10 - Navigating the Nonprofit Landscape: Insights from Gene Takagi on Managing a Nonprofit in California

In this episode of Nonprofit Counsel, May Harris, your host, engages with Gene Takagi, the founding attorney of NEO Law Group and a prolific writer for the Nonprofit Law Blog. Since beginning his own nonprofit focused practice in 2005, Gene has served the nonprofit community with expertise and an unparalleled passion for helping nonprofit leaders reach their full potential.

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Ep 9 - Jacob Zerkle Recognizing the Need for a Nonprofit Attorney for Maintenance and Growth

In this episode of Nonprofit Counsel, we had the privilege of hosting Jacob Zerkle, a Senior Tax Associate at Michael Best & Friedrich LLP, with over a decade of experience representing nonprofit organizations. Jacob's journey into the world of nonprofit representation was not a planned one, but it has been marked by dedication and a deep commitment to helping nonprofits thrive.

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Ep 8 - Nicole Miller-Coleman What Do I Need to Know or Look for When Joining a Nonprofit Board?

Are you considering joining a nonprofit board but unsure of what to look for or what to expect? In Episode 8 of The Nonprofit Counsel Podcast, we sat down with Nicole Miller-Coleman, an experienced consultant in the nonprofit sector, to shed light on the key factors to consider when taking on this important role.

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Ep 7 - Terrell Turner Nonprofits and Their Finances

c As a CPA and the visionary behind TLTurner Group, Terrell joins May L. Harris, Esq., to shed light on the intricacies of nonprofit financial health and reporting.

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