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Ep 20 - Celebrating 20 Episodes: A Dive into Public Policy with Geoff Greene, CEO of CalNonprofits

In the milestone 20th episode of The Nonprofit Counsel Podcast, host May Harris, Esq., MA, sits down with Geoff Greene, the newly appointed CEO of the California Association of Nonprofits (CalNonprofits), to delve into the intricate world of public policy and its impact on nonprofits.

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Ep 19 - Navigating Nonprofit Leadership and Governance with Crystal Trull

In the latest episode of The Nonprofit Counsel Podcast, host May Harris, Esq., MA, dives into a conversation with Crystal Trull, Founder and Principal of CT Nonprofit Consulting, exploring the intricate intersection of social enterprise activities with nonprofit governance.

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Ep 18 - Exploring Social Enterprise with Dr. Paula Cordeiro

In the latest episode of The Nonprofit Counsel Podcast, our esteemed host May Harris, Esq., MA, delved into the dynamic world of social entrepreneurship with special guest Dr. Paula Cordeiro, Professor of Global Leadership at the University of San Diego (USD).

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Ep 17 - Unlocking Success: Strategies for Effective Nonprofit Strategic Planning with Andrea Ortega

In this episode of The Nonprofit Counsel Podcast, May Harris, Esq., MA, sits down with Andrea Ortega, MNM, CNP, the Founder and CEO of Palante Nonprofits, LLC, to delve into the intricate world of strategic planning for nonprofits. Andrea brings a wealth of experience and insight into guiding nonprofits through strategic growth and sustainability.

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Ep 16 - Unlocking Talent: Navigating the Nonprofit Hiring Process with Trevor Blair

In the latest episode, Trevor Blair, Founder and CEO of Blair Search Partners, explores how to find the right people for your organization in the nonprofit sector.

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Ep 15 - Navigating Nonprofit Leadership with Mike Gellman

In the latest episode, listeners were treated to an insightful conversation on nonprofit leadership with the accomplished Mike Gellman, owner of High Five Career Coaching.

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Ep 14 - Understanding the Differences Between Charities and Private Foundations With Danika Mendrygal

In this episode, we delve into a crucial aspect of the nonprofit world: understanding the distinctions between charities and private foundations. Joining us is the esteemed Danika Mendrygal, Founder and CEO of Mendrygal Law, based in Dallas, Texas.

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Ep 13 - Critical Aspects of Nonprofit Finances and the Form 990 with Genevra Williams

In this episode, we dive into critical aspects of nonprofit finances and the Form 990. Joining May as a guest was Genevra Williams, Senior Counsel at Mendrygal Law, who shared her expertise on the intricate world of nonprofit law and necessary tax reporting.

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Ep 12 - Nonprofit Sustainability, Collaboration, and Staying True to Your Mission with David O'Brien and Matthew Craig

In this episode, we dive into the world of nonprofit sustainability, strategic partnerships, and the critical role of financial health with two seasoned nonprofit experts, David O'Brien and Matthew Craig.

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