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Ep. 4 - Nonprofit Strategic Planning

“We are a boutique firm because we are small, but we are a mighty group of individuals that work together to address the most pressing needs of a nonprofit. Our goal is to make them successful.” - Dr. Lyn Corbett

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Today, May speaks with Dr. Lyn Corbett, the visionary behind the Pivotal Group. Dr. Corbett boasts almost three decades of work experience in the nonprofit domain, and he brings a wealth of invaluable insights to the forefront. One key to a nonprofit's success lies in the underlying motivation of its board members who serve. We shall delve into board membership and explore the opportune moment for a board to consider engaging a consultant. This episode brims with essential information tailored to empower your nonprofit endeavors.


[01:30] Dr. Corbett discusses the Pivotal Group, how it evolved, and the secrets to an engaged board
[06:30] Dr. Corbett talks about his childhood and how that has formed his love for non-profit work
[10:52] Dr. Corbett discusses the importance of a qualified, committed board member
[15:18] Being a committee member before being a board member has value, and he talks about his favorite non-profits
[23:24] Dr. Corbett discusses non-profits who compete and those who work collaboratively
[27:33] What should a non-profit look for in a consultant


  • ​Those who criticize the compensation of a nonprofit should recognize the importance of adequately paying nonprofit leaders, just as you would a manager in a for-profit business.
  • ​Nonprofits should promote the impact their programs have. That would be more effective than talking about how the donations are spent.
  • ​Individuals who are problem solvers and can mediate between groups and boards would enjoy and do well working at a nonprofit.