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Ep. 3 - Nonprofit Leadership

“If you see a problem in your neighborhood, you don't have to wait for the government to solve it. You can partner with a nonprofit. You can start a nonprofit to change your community.” - Dr. Laura Dietrick

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May is joined by Dr. Laura Dietrick, an expert from the Nonprofit Institute at the University of San Diego, to delve into leadership within the nonprofit sector. Together, they explore two impactful initiatives offered by the university that equip students with comprehensive knowledge about managing a nonprofit organization. By shedding light on common misconceptions associated with nonprofits, students receive valuable training opportunities at the Nonprofit Institute and the Nonprofit Leadership and Management graduate program.


[00:00] Dr. Laura shares an overview of her responsibilities at the University of San Diego and discusses the Nonprofit Institute
[04:43] Explanation of how nonprofits operate
[07:02] The misnomer that nonprofits exist only to be altruistic and why it’s important to talk about the impact of the organization
[16:00] Dr. Laura shares details of the Nonprofit Leadership and Management graduate program
[22:16] Students are learning many aspects of nonprofits and are working on real-time projects
[28:26] Dr. Laura explains what type of personality would thrive working for a nonprofit and also why it can be a difficult space


  • ​Those who criticize the compensation of a nonprofit should recognize the importance of adequately paying nonprofit leaders, just as you would a manager in a for-profit business.
  • ​Nonprofits should promote the impact their programs have. That would be more effective than talking about how the donations are spent.
  • ​Individuals who are problem solvers and can mediate between groups and boards would enjoy and do well working at a nonprofit.