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Ep. 21 - How Nonprofits are Using AI

“AI has the potential to help nonprofits struggling with minimum staff and limited time and tools. AI creates efficiencies within organizations and allows nonprofit workers to focus on the most important. However, there are scary stories in which it has been used and had negative impacts, and it poses some security data privacy issues. It is only as good as the data from which it pulls. The risk is when users don’t understand the data pool from which this information comes.” - Kate Azar

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In this episode of the Nonprofit Podcast, May Harris, Esq. visits with Kate Azar from PNC Institutional Management. Kate emphasizes the importance of nonprofits’ investment strategy, particularly when managing endowments. She stresses that seeking professional advice is crucial in this regard. While endowments can benefit nonprofits, Kate highlights that they may not suit every organization. The discussion delves into the advantages and disadvantages of nonprofits integrating AI into their operations. It explores how AI can enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and improve nonprofit decision-making. However, it also addresses concerns such as data privacy, inaccurate data, and ethical implications of AI implementation. May and Kate touch upon the aging of nonprofit board members and the necessity of succession planning. They underscore the importance of grooming future leaders within the organization to ensure continuity and effective governance. This discussion offers insights and practical advice for nonprofits navigating challenges and opportunities in the nonprofit sector.


[1:07] Kate shares her responsibilities at PNC Institutional Assessment Management
[2:21] Kate explains what she recommends to nonprofits starting an investment strategy
[4:23] Should your nonprofit do an endowment, and should investments align with the values of the nonprofit
[7:13] Kate states what a board should keep in mind regarding funding, investment accounts and endowments and reviewing policies
[13:16] Kate and May discuss AI and its impact on nonprofits and policies regulating AI
[23:44] Kate discusses the future of nonprofits, how board members are aging out and the need for succession planning


  • Endowments can be powerful tools for a nonprofit, but they are only suitable for some organizations.
  • Nonprofits should stand ready with an answer if they have endowments as to why they should be fundraising.
  • Knowing where the donations are coming from is essential. Donors may have intentions and restrictions tied to the donation, and the IRS may also restrict how funds are invested and spent.