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Ep. 2 - Nonprofits and Insurance

“There are unique challenges and issues associated with nonprofits, but at the same time, it is still running a business. They require special knowledge from an insurance perspective because each nonprofit is different.” - Bill Brennan

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May Harris hosts Bill Brennan, Principal, CRO of CMR Risk & Insurance Services, to discuss the often overlooked necessity of insurance for a nonprofit. Often a start-up is unaware or doesn’t believe insurance coverage for a nonprofit is necessary. The simple fact is board members can be liable; employment litigation is common, and not having the proper risk management tools in place can put a nonprofit out of business. Don’t miss this informative discussion..


[00:44] Bill discusses his role at CMR Risk & Insurance Services
{03:49] The pitfalls that can plague a nonprofit and the type of insurance they may need
[07:00] The timeline for procuring insurance
[09:28] Two insurance coverages that nonprofits and board member liability
[18:52] Employment risks for nonprofits are significant
[26:29] Bill explains the resources provided by CMR
[28:22] Bill reinforces the need for risk management in a nonprofit


  • ​Strong emotions tied to a nonprofit's mission can intensify legal disputes among its members.
  • ​​The importance of risk management is frequently disregarded during the establishment of a nonprofit organization.
  • ​A nonprofit organization lacks the authority to determine the classification of its employees for compensation.