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Ep. 19 - How Social Enterprise Intersects with Governance

“I always start with the mission. If a board or even staff can't connect what they're doing back to their mission, that tells me we have a lot of work to do. First of all, what is the mission? If you understand your mission and purpose, you can articulate the so-what question, “What would happen if you didn’t exist?” Dr. Crystal Trull

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Dr. Crystal Trull, the head of CT Consulting, a company that offers expert guidance to nonprofit entities for their long-term viability, meets with May Harris, Esq. to discuss crucial topics relevant to anyone engaged with nonprofits. Crystal delves into the array of resources accessible to nonprofits and explores the intricate dynamics of board membership, emphasizing the crucial interplay between board members and the CEO. Additionally, they delve into the often underutilized roles within nonprofits, addressing duties and responsibilities. This episode is packed with valuable insights nonprofit leaders would find indispensable.


[0:47] May introduces Crystal
[4:42] Crystal shares why she pursued her Ph.D
[7:12] Discussion of different resources coming from academia
[7:53] Crystal expands on why nonprofits come to her firm
[11:29] Crystal shares some tips she gives nonprofits
[14:10] Crystal talks about bringing on new board members and bringing different identities to the board that meet your mission
[20:34] Discussion regarding a high-functioning board and a positive relationship with their CEO
[24:14] Discussion regarding the underutilized position of a vice-chair and final advice is for board members to take themselves out of the equation and focus on the mission.


  • A person in leadership doesn’t need to have a Ph.D.,​ but that knowledge gave Crystal more tools as she worked with various nonprofits. 
  • Nonprofits seek agencies’ help because they realize they need it. Running a nonprofit isn’t as easy as one would think.
  • Knowing your mission is vital to staying on track while operating a nonprofit