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Ep. 18 - Social Enterprise

“You want to partner with certified organizations because it's built into their DNA that they will focus on their community. It's not about getting their logo out there and the company becoming more well-known. That's not their motivation. It's because they believe they need to be good stewards of our planet and offer their employees great work environments.” Paula Cordeiro, EdD.

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Calling all changemakers! Are you looking for inspiration to tackle the world's toughest challenges? That’s precisely what Paula Cordeiro, EdD. has exemplified throughout her professional journey. Join Paula and May Harris, Esq., as they delve into the exciting world of social entrepreneurship and global philanthropy. Gain insights on how your nonprofit can collaborate with similar-minded businesses, focusing on instigating social transformation within your local sphere. Discover how everyday people are making a real difference and learn about a Global Seminar scheduled in 2025 designed to bring entrepreneurs and co-ops together to make a difference in their communities!


[1:21] Paula shares her professional background and explains social entrepreneurship and how different sectors are coming together to create a social enterprise
[6:38] Discussion of global entrepreneurship and the commitment to prioritize social good or profits
[7:26] Discussion of philanthropic endeavors and how they can make an even larger social impact
[16;12] Nonprofits are becoming more collaborative and working with corporations that are already invested in the community
[18:36] Paula gives examples of people who will only work for businesses that are socially conscience and discussion of purchasing fair trade items
[22:30] The Global Seminar in 2025 will be held in three different locations to inform attendees about the opportunities that exist that will create wealth for local co-ops in impoverished countries


  • Social entrepreneurship can best be illustrated by the Girl Scouts, who sell cookies and earn income while making a social impact.
  • Organizations like Ashoka, Skoll Foundation, Newman's Own, and Ben & Jerry's exemplify global social entrepreneurship. Their structure prioritizes social good over maximizing profits.
  • Philanthropic endeavors create social and community good; board and staff members need even more exposure to the foundation world to invest better.