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Ep 13 - The Form 990

“What I keep an eye out for is that question where they say what's the approval process for the 990? When the answer is our CFO reviews it and files it, I'm not happy, if that's my client. One of the first conversations I have is the board should be reviewing that and they should at least have an opportunity to review it before they file. " - Genevra Williams

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Genevra Williams, an attorney practicing at Mendrygal Law in Dallas, Texas, specializing solely in representing tax-exempt organizations, joins May Harris to explore the Form 990 and its different iterations. May underscores the distinction that while all tax-exempt organizations are nonprofit, not all nonprofits enjoy tax-exempt status. The conversation will delve into the consequences of nonprofit organizations using an incorrect reporting tool. This episode aims to guide listeners in determining whether they can manage these forms independently or if seeking legal assistance is necessary.


[1:14] Genevra discusses how she came to practice nonprofit law and why she is an advocate of the Form 990
[6:53] Genevra explains what she can learn from the Form 990
[12:26] Genevra and May discuss Schedule 0
[15:37] Genevra discusses two other policies she loves
[18:53] The 990N and how to avoid issues in the future and other forms necessary to the IRS
[25:53] Genevra mentions churches and other religious organizations' filings


  • The Form 990 provides substantial information about a client or potential client.
  • ​There are dead giveaways on Form 990 that Genevra uses to make recommendations to her clients on whether they should donate to a particular nonprofit.
  • You should have a conflict of interest policy everyone understands, particularly regarding gift acceptance.